Dandelion Dreams

Tiny little dandelion

Time for it to grow

A million dreams launch into the air

With just a single blow


A gentle breeze starts to stir

In the leaves of the family nearby

Prodding the little dandelion forward

To grow up towards the sky


They know that she can do it

They know she can succeed

She just needs a little push

So that she can take the lead


She wants to make a child smile

To brighten someone’s day

A simple dream, but meaningful

Worth it in every way


The wind whispers a joyous tune

Music that sounds like a lark

The others whisper words of wisdom in her ear

Encouragement flooding her heart


Grow strong she will

For the time is coming soon

When standing tall above the rest

Her petals will surely bloom


And when a child comes along

Her dreams will begin to take flight

As she drifts off into the great unknown

She knows she made the world more bright


Like a little dandelion, life is made to serve

To bring a smile to someone’s face

With family surrounding on every side

Dandelion dreams spread all over the place.




This poem is about: 
My family


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