Average Nuisance, Unnoticed Weed.

You grow--then you die, 

they do not notice when those ugly petals disappear from their garden.

Trapped beneath the shadows of their beautiful leaves,

Only wanting your place in the comfort of the sun. 

Desiring its warmth and loving light you stretch,

Yet they look down upon you, little nuisance--You are not beautiful like them.

Shriveling, starving without the warmth and light,

you can grow nowhere. 

Above you they bask--They do not care if you wilt.

Unnoticed little Weed, A Flower only by childish sight.

You are not beautiful like the Flowers.

Do you want the sun?--You are not worth it, little Weed. This is our Sun,

"Little Nuisance. Stupid and Worthless Weed. If you disappear we will not care."

...Little Weed-I am here... Little Nuisance-Listen Here...

They are ignorant--Flowers... they cannot understand you little Weed..

You--You are the most beautiful of all--You must give it time, Little Weed.

You are a Flower--They envy your beauty.

Flower of Hopes...

of Dreams...

of Wishes...

You will be the most beautiful--Yes Little Weed.

You are not a Nuisance....You are simply growing--Just as they do.

Little Weed--You will be the most beautiful--Listen here, Little Weed...

You are not average--You are the flower of Potential.

Not a Little Weed--Your White Plumes will soon sprout as you unsheath your beauty.

You are the most beautiful--Flower of Wishes.

Yes Little Weed--You are the most beautiful Flower.

A Flower--Called Dandelion...


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