Tick Tock

When it's gotten so hard
That you scream upon death
To take you away from this miserable place
And you cry because no one can even notice
That your crumbling inside
That your shattering into pieces
That you feel like your nothing in this world
So worthless
You aren't even spotted
You aren't even looked upon
When they speak they look away
No one thinking to make sure she's okay
To ask her what's wrong
About her pain
And she waits
Maybe this will all change
Maybe it's just a phase
She's been told that before
But I cry and I cry
And I wait for someone to tell me
That it's going to be okay
That it's just a phase
I'm not a toy I'm not something you just pick up and toss around Whenever you feel like it
I'm a person
A person fighting for freedom
And peace
I'm a person waiting for opportunity
For the doors to open
To show me everything that I've been through was worth it
And I wait
And I wait
And I wait
And I crave for that happiness
But It never comes
And those doors never open
And I'm stuck in the same place
They've left me before
And she will always be just another
Bullied girl
Until she makes the decision to leave this world because none of this was ever worth it
No one ever deserves this
That's the only time she will ever be acknowledged
Is when she's gone
People will miss me now she says
People will regret everything they've done to me now
Or maybe they won't even notice I'm gone


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