Doctor Who and Rose

Stars stuck on my ceiling, so I’m making wishes in my room about you.

I’d go outside but the clouded judgement of the moon is hating on my thoughts of you,

So let’s wait till the morning;

I’m your flower.

Pick the petals of my soul and taste my pollen.

In my mind trees have fallen,

And only you can hear it cuz your soul is intertwined with mine

Kiss my lips and stop time as you

Feel my auroras on your skin.

I put my thoughts in the palm of your hand

Though I don’t understand---myself or my thoughts completely;

I may not love you till the end, but until then, I’ll love you completely.

 No, I do not complete you, and you do not complete me,

But I hope after life on this earth I will see you again.

Will you still be my friend, maybe even my lover?

Will it all just be over, or will it start over?

The answers lie as we close our eyes and watch time rewind and fast forward.

This is all just so crazy; Doctor Who and his Lady.

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