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Your shelter, Your illusion coldblooded, halfhearted this eternal masquerade   You are wasted rotten with mirrors gold; reflections twisted, subconscious mold, ice-cold camaraderie.
The table stays the wood is grey  a light sull yellowed tingy yellow brown when on the bench  the hobo sleeps the homo weeps the political correctness steeps and for weeks and weeks
This is to the kids who can afford CDs, And designer clothes, new cars, and Extra TVs  Actually, praise their parents who spoil their kids to death, Because they'd rather keep them occupied and
  Peers and youth clatter and clank Minds nearly filled with blank Always looking so fine and swank A job and work a threat or a prank                 Parents diving into their savings bank
Education issomething all of us agree is important.Yet all over the world and in places we dare not gomany are ignorant without it.The lower class, African Americans, and women
  Béyonce you wish you were me, Strutting in my Luis V. You think you're as bad as can be, But hey I got my Céline with me.   Paris made, London born, Baby got that foreign form.
You built me up, up to the clouds In my throne, as I looked down At all the faces that stood below Just to keep me as your little girl. Kept me there safe and protected
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