Non-existant Parental Guide

This is to the kids who can afford CDs,

And designer clothes, new cars, and

Extra TVs

Actually, praise their parents who spoil their kids to death,

Because they'd rather keep them occupied and

Save their own breath


Even when you were small, you got your hand stuck in the gutter

Because Dad was at work again, and mom said her closet had too much clutter

But I guess it doesn't matter that you were screaming for 3 hours as other kids kept laughing

After you were dared to do it.


They didn't ask you how it happened, they just gave you

the bandaid, and said it was time for dinner.


And that other time, one time ago

When you just didn't want to sit at home alone

You threw that party on Saturday night

Trying to be one to remember, but you can't remember

That Joe drove four kids home that night, and he couldn't remember

how to turn on his lights, or use his blinker... or stay off the lines...


With that said, having a conversation is too much work, and all the smiles

They'd be faking at the dinner table,let's just take it for

What it's worth


Take it for granted when the CD you bought your son is

Blaring in the new car that has people staring as he speeds down the

Overworked highway. He says


I'll have it my way, and takes his eyes off the road when the light doesn't say go so

Out he goes into oncoming traffic on the overworked road and

His parents had nothing to say, and all they could do was have that bloody car



When we are young, our years are most important

We learn the most when we are small.

We need the attention, we need advice

And to be picked up when we fall.


To catch up with our family in

Our designated evening time

Ask each other what we did

Make sure everyone is alright.


This time required no bandaid. This time had no flow

They couldn't just say, "Clean up this mess," or, "Don't do it again."

Now he is just like Joe.


Though they were quiet before,

Dinner time feels so sore, and as sour as

Every hour

After their bodies hit the floor.



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