Spoiled Milk

Your shelter, Your illusion

coldblooded, halfhearted

this eternal masquerade


You are wasted rotten

with mirrors gold;

reflections twisted,

subconscious mold,

ice-cold camaraderie.

Can You See It?


this grand divide,

Divine, You’d call it.

Define Your problem.

For I Am



Trapped in Paradise,

squinting at the sun,

shouting anyone who loves it

hasn’t lived.


and what have You done?


the irony,

iron taste

of Your words always unspoken:

I’m a realist. I’m a cynic.

you’re a child. I’m your critic.


what would You do

if Your bubblegum


this airtight container.


Shattering, dropped.


your shadow is cold.

the outside, aflame.

your insulation failing.

We are the same.

Added pressure.

Spilled guts,

Spilled drinks,

Spilled tears?


my child,

you’re overheating.

Boiling over,



don’t cry,

this is only a theory.


The bubble

is inescapable.

Doomed to ignorance and utopia,

your shadow follows,



While I

Bathe in the sun,

Eating apples tinted green,

Light warm on my face,

And like adults do,

I dream.

This poem is about: 
My community



Hi! I know this poem is a little cryptic haha but, just wanted to add that this, for me, was about the tendency of people to view optimism as childish or weak. This kinda gets on my nerves because I 100% see it as a show of strength, and especially when it comes from someone who has been handed everything all their life, it feels like they have no place in invalidating your personal struggles! To overcome obstacles and still come out trying to see the best in everything is admirable and rare and should be rewarded. It is absolutely okay and normal to not be happy all the time and it doesn't mean weakness to not be an "optimist" but you should never make people feel childish, weak, or unimportant for the way they show strength! Sorry for the little rant, I hope someone enjoys this.

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