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Everything reminds me of you. I say things that only you would understand. Part of me is gone but it had to be lost to find a new.   I miss your smile. I miss your stupid jokes.
Dear Trenton Meyer,
My place is stained with you I look to my left and it's where we laughed I look to the right and it's where we loved The chair that I sat in as you broke the news The bed I lay on as I listened to you
You died at the age of 19. 
I was born into the world Not too long ago  18 years to be exact Growing older every day   And Since I was little I've though so little On How I'm not how I expected
A phone call that turnsYour world upside down.
I found our picture today. We were at great grandpa's that day. You were on the three wheeled bike and I was in the basket getting a ride. I was having a good time with you. I had so much fun riding in that bike.
My hero  I'm waiting on a different Superman though.He doesn't have a cape,doesn't fly with special powers.He's definitely not invincible.My Superman is my Mom.She wears scrubs and works 70 hour weeks.She saves the day, there is no denying, the va
well, Bff, I'll tell you friendship for me is an elevator it may get jammed and a struggle to fix and each floor of different emotions push the wrong button and i may explode but most of all
Once upon a time there was a person. No, two people. This story is about both of us. Well yes, but our stories begin differently. Alright. Tell them yours first. Once upon a time, there was a person.
I remember the day you left to live with your dad, He's a teacher and moved to Barrow, You went with him, But we kept up Today I found out what happened, And the reason why, They didn't leave you alone,
Waves come in and out as I'm thinking about you now wishing I could just shut up because you can't take back love I didn't know that falling in love meant falling apart at the seams.
If only we would look closer we'd be able to see through the eyes of God... God has placed us on earth for a great purpose to love one another as he loves us...
The Love I Feel His love is like treasured gold His smile shines as bright as the sun The love is priceless and cannot be sold Together I wish we could grow old The times we have are so much fun
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