My Bestfriend Part 1

Everything reminds me of you. I say things that only you would understand.

Part of me is gone but it had to be lost to find a new.


I miss your smile.

I miss your stupid jokes.

I miss the look I could give you at any time and you'd instantly know what I meant. 

i miss my soul mate.

My little flower child.

My childhood.


You're my soul mate, my life partner whom I want to grow old with.


"Aunt Gab" & "Aunt Shmul" has such a nice ring to it.

My bestfriend oh my god how I miss you.

It hurts worse knowing that you're gone but you're not really gone.

I didn't lose you to a drunk driver or a natural disease, I lost you to yourself.

I say there and watched as  you were killing your self.

Gradually slipping further and further away I began to focus my attention on myself and make changes.

I wish I didn't want more for myself.

I wish I was okay with staying stunted with you.

Anything to be in your presence, to have you in my life, but you're not you and this you is not mine.

I love you with my soul and all the stars put together but I have to move on.

I hope our show cross paths again, in fact I pray for it. -GG

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