A Letter To My Best Friend.

Dear Trenton Meyer,

     I know for a fact that you might never read this, but that is quite alright with me. I want to say "Thank You" for everything that you have done for me throughout the years. We met in 7th grade, and since then our bond has strengthened. You were the firt person to openly accept me for, well, me! You let me meet your freinds and sit with them. You are the reason I have any social relations at all. I can never thank you enough for showing me that...

     You care way too much about me, I hope you know. I know we have gone through some rough patches... but nothing can stop us. We have been through the thick and the thin, the fights and the smiles. You mean so much to me, I would jump in front of a bullet if it meant you wouldnt get hurt. If you havent noticed, I care about you too. I've spent hours and hours helping you with homework, and keeping you from putting yoursef in harms way. I'm your best friend, and you are mine. I love you and care about you like you are me brother. I have cried on your shoulder and you have cried on mine. 

     You always make me smile, even when you are just being crazy. In school, with the Van Dee Graaff Generator, it was after we got in a huge fight, and you hurt me... I said "No way am I going to talk to you EVER again!!!" I held your hand, squeezed real hard as you touched the metal of the sink spout. Before the shock, in that moment, I saw your smile. I looked into your eyes and remembered everything we've done together. When I was hurt I would ask you how to help me. We've sprinted down the school hallways, you trying to catch up to the backpack that i've snatched from you. Studying together in the school commons. Sharing music on bad days. 

     I am so proud of you Trenton, you dont even know. You have been through everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! You're dad who you lived with getting kicked out of his apartment because he had a cat that wasn't allowed to be there. You got through cutting, drinking, smoking. You've made it through not believing that love exists and fights with your family. I will always be there when you need my help, no matter the time, no matter the day, no matter the reason.

to my Robin,

from the Joker 

(when you lost your happy...I had to man the role of "The Joker." I hereby reassign the role back to it's original owner. To Mr. LMAO. To Trentoff. To the generally happy one. Be happy Trenton, because the scars you have will never go away. But someday... when you are married, you will see those scars and remember the pain you went through at such a young age and be happy that you've made it this far, SO far! I missed you when you were gone... I'm happy you are back. My puzzle is now complete, my missing piece is found. It was you, all along.)

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