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You said you didn't like lipstick I didn't wear any But I bit my lip Until it was flushed deep red with blood And tasted better Than your satin skin ever did  
Flawless perfect in everyway. Everyone wants to become flawless.
Fierce and low budget do not belong in the same sentence But that was my predicament, the low income dilemna I was stuck facing My parents said I don't need to be flawless I need God because of my flaws
Rush through the hallway Head down Books clutched in my hands Pressed against my chest. Don’t make eye contact! Don’t let them see your face. Good. Now keep going. Not too fast!
Women are more than just pretty little things; We are genius, we are classic, we are the female kings. So when someone says being smart more than pretty just isn’t right; Well, let’s just say I do get very contrite.
  To the person who stole my soul,
Birds chirping everywhere Leaves coming out of trees Grass in the Air
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