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Its been 20 long years A lot of cheers with some tears and other fears Life has been kind Though occasionally, I have been blind The world changed me As I changed with the world In anger, I have hurled
Favorite song is my saving grace Laptop that I purchased fails
you see the pain in my eyes you see my tears that I cry you see my blood soak the floor and I say what a world you ask why I did it and all I say is that I couldn't bear it
Mama always said there'd be days like this// The way things can switch and change like this// Friends become foes in the turn of a wrist and now things'll never be the same like this//
I look deep within the mirror at myself. My mind sinks and wonders into a place of utter darkness. How my pain intensifies into complete depression. The torture of past events replay from my childhood.
Emptiness is all I feel, without you here. I walk past your room, searching for you. How can you be gone so soon? A life taken before its time. You're my sister though, why don't they understand.
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