Favorite song is my saving grace

Laptop that I purchased fails

to connect on a bus ride that

I paid for

Independence at its finest


Celebratory dinner was a Subway

sandwich followed by a subway

ride and a gigantic lump in my throat

It’s a good thing butterflies

aren’t the pickiest of creatures


Love nothing more than to come home

Hate nothing more than saying

hollow goodbyes in a side-entrance

parking lot because real words

free the demons from their cocoons


This metamorphosis is a double-edged sword

because I want to be forever a child

But it’s easier to stay away and gray

than allow this supposed freeway to interfere

with my transformation


I’m a caterpillar born in the wrong season

A creature whose chrysalis is

torn to pieces

Every time I entertain the idea of a reunion

I don’t identify with this species


Happy birthday to me.  


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