Animal Love

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I search the wind everyday , To see where you stay . You were happy with me in those days , Are you still okay ? I hope to see you again , If you ever wake . A woof of yours was enough ,
You have not had to feel the pain Been trapped in a place that does not feel like your home Or talked at like you were nothing You have not had to take the beatings
A wag for a smile A nudge for a pet A lick for a laugh A cuddle for a hug A fetch for a ball Would you look at that I'm happy after all
As a puppy, I know how awesome life can be. All it takes is a cute face, and these rolls. That’s when I know, I’ve got my Mommy in my paw.   I am free to be queen of this castle.
Deserving of love Thrown away by the callous New chance. New life. Hope  
I sit beneath the rays of a hot spring afternoon. I listen to the birds sing, the sound of happiness to their mates. I watch the children walk home from school, playing tags as they walk by me.
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