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Throughout days and days  time goes by  you look up to the sky hoping something great.   Praying and trying to achieve dreams and goals while the wind blows the birds fly high.  
Eating rosebuds my cheeks start to flush the once translucent skin becomes the rouge that victorian women pinch their cheeks for. lovely lace falls on ashen skin and it drags across violet fields
On the morning of April 15, 2013, you were beautiful And the city was well aware. But by the afternoon Boston, its back arching with chaos, had changed it's mind. The shouts of the bigots drowned out the tolerant majority.
Going down a broken path; You wonder how long it will last. You're blinded by the dark that's surrounded you And you're not quite sure what else to do.
I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee Knock you out faster than Muhammed Ali Because the situation in this nation requires some retaliation, vindication and education.
There is something unnatural about time. It crosses some invisible line Between right and wrong. It’s too far gone. It plays by its own set of rules. Indeed making us the fools. When it gets spent
I can't stay young forever. I am not Peter Pan. I am just a man. Life creeps on and on, forcing us to go. I want to turn back. Run. Hide. Run. Hide. But time moves forward,
A Good Black Man Our old memories of you Fly by us fast And everything we REMEMBER of u is now in the past You once told my mommy If you work she wouldnt HAVE to work again A good black man
Boom, crash, bang!-As smoke filled up the sky, Many were shaken and froze with much fear, Night became day in the blink of an eye, What happened to celebrating with cheer?
Run run run. cheer cheer cheer. Run run run. Breathe breathe breathe. Run run run. Cheer cheer cheer. Run run run. Breathe breathe breathe. Look down. Look up. Look left. Look right. Run run run. Finish Finish Finish. Run ru.. BOOM. SHATTER.
Struggling within the mindtricks of doubt, A voice corresponding the everlasting route. A system of finding possible self definition. A move to the dance inwhich lacks a transition.
Eyes closed, head back My mind tries to comprehend Bombs blowing up my family Racist slurrs towards my president Teens lacking amibition and inspiration Or Perhaps they were inspired afterall
I try to make sense of what has been done Taking down the best of us. Those who try to prove each day that we can overcome the obesity epidemic We can create a fit America
Our hearts cry out, empty with despair, While our robotic pockets whine in our ears. We watch too much and do too little, Where too brown stars live lives too fickle. We say many things, but honesty is lost,
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