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*WHY* _I HAD_ *TO* _PONDER_ _Wandering exploring to discovery transportation, heading deep into the future_ .
Over oceans, over seas Travel takes you where you please Some can lived enclosed in boxes, But that’s not for me   Through the jungles, past the woods Seeing cultures, learning new ways
Who am I? How the hell am I supposed to know? For 17 years I was told who to be and where to go. Things have changed, I’m and adult now (or so they say.) Stumbling through life, trying to find my way.
Find yourself exploring   Less bags and more outdoors   See the setting sun Hear the chirping birds Smell the sea salted ocean water Taste the fresh air Touch the slimy catch of the day
I, a young woman today , realized my flaws. I H I D E under a persona that is not me. I H I D E to protect myself from scars caused by not strangers but people I love.
I sit near the window frame Staring at my own shame Nothing is the same Am I really all to blame Or is this really just some game My emotions are set aflame This isn't some ballgame  
shook   her feet
Photographers capture a moment in time, Each little movement in orderly rhyme. From nature to people, photos aren't the same, From color to black, photos are never plain. Memories are made with one little click,
How can you not tell when someone is crying out to you As if they don't give you any clues; When you are known for happiness but filled with sadness When you're trying to figure out this world through all this madness
  Lets drift away
For all those who say time traveling is impossible,  it’s not true. Music is my time traveler. It helps me regress. Every song is an old memory, producing waves of nostalgia.
A sea away, Endlessly long days, No sleep at night, A few fights, Plenty of giggles New food that jiggles, Chance of a lifetime, Cost way more than a dime, Want to go back,
In this crazy, unorthodox life, I am a traveler. I don't let the enraged boundaries keep me from exploring the untouchable. I seek adventure in the smallest of miracles, 
Life after college, it’s such a blur. Paying off loans and doing work. Falling in love along the way. Exploring new places, doing new things. Trying escargot in Frances Paris.
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