It Must Be Explored


In this crazy, unorthodox life, I am a traveler. 
I don't let the enraged boundaries keep me from exploring the untouchable. 
I seek adventure in the smallest of miracles, 
And find exquisite beauty in the diversity amongst unique cultures. 
I desire to trigger my creative flow. 
To paint across the universe, to cook, to write, to concoct, 
To find those precious companions 
Who are just as eager to delve into the mysteries of the world as I am. 
I crave fearlessness. 
To follow every dream and to dare to be the most pure and raw version of myself. 
Along my travels, I quench my dehydrated soul with passion and experience, 
As well as feed my excrutiating hunger to unveil the unknown. 
My journey is ravishing and infinite, fulfilling and limitless... 
In this crazy, unorthodox life, I am the traveler. 


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