sexual assault awareness

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We used to be close You were like my best friend But sadly that came to an end. You said let's play You locked the door, To hide us away, You were younger than me But we were the same age,
You made me feel gross You think I don't remember But what you don't know Is that I will live with this pain forever On my body I make cuts Cuts to carve away at parts that feel
This body that no longer feels safe With a heart that carries great ache Your dirty hands make me sick The thought makes me shake This body no longer feels mine My body dirty and disgusting
It’s different than a period Dripping down your thigh - That’s from me: that’s mine. Not the boy at the party who Let you feel safe -
Two Minutes Every year, there are more and more damaged humans, from every age, race, gender, and places. Those predators are shameless and ruined
Dear Mother,   There are a lot of things in this life that you didn’t teach me. I never learned how to match a foundation to my skin,
Dear You, I remember the night so clearly. Regardless of the tiny little pill you dropped in my drink I cannot seem to forget. I see the scared adolescent girl,
It's not the same, he says. It's not worth the same fight, it doesn't mean the same thing, it doesn't hurt the same way. Except every now and again I hear a man yelling after me, I'm a bitch,
am I dead to you yet you almost killed me that last time when my eyes glazed over and you fucked me anyway This poem is about breaking Because you loved me. this body is riddled with breaks
"I've made it, I guess I've made it through the mess But yet I still hold its debris
I open my eyes to nothing.  I do not see anything because my face is against my pillow.  But I do feel something.  Hands, hands  exploring my body like I'm some kind of  unique jungle.
you ask me if I am okay I tell you I do not know, I do not know, I do not know but soon you stop asking and I start realizing that I do know, that I do know, that I do know
Men are supposed to love you.Hold your hand and tell you that you are pretty. He said I was beautiful when he held me by the throat and tried to slip my innocence into his back pocket.The words rolling off his tongue caught my skin like a zipper a
  You crept insideLike a deer in head lightsI was before you. And thenCrushed slowlyJerking aboutTo the beat of making loveI was fucked. How incredibly lucid this dream continues to be.
For a girl from a small town She wanted a lot from a big world. Tears and sorrow filled too much space, She had to do something, it had to be erased.
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