I came back because I love you

"I've made it, I guess

I've made it through the mess

But yet I still hold its debris

Like it's a part of me

Inside it is held

Inside it is shelled

A protection that won't fade

Until its card is played

Then out comes the flash

A light bursting through the mess's ash

The early morning flower burns

Almost as though it yearns

Yearns for the past

Yearns for a usable cast

Likewise it still comes back

But each time with a new scar from the attack


The flower hides the hole

For that is its only role

From then on there is a fence

Where the intruder holds sense

The intruder is broken

But that part is kept unspoken

The days where it blew fire are over

Now it is replaced by a new kind of clover

One that plays a cruel game

To it all the same

Hide and go seek

All the player can do is let out a muffled shriek


Outside through the window the clover changes things

Messes around with the window's strings

Makes the world cold

Makes the intruder bold

The window then opens to let in the ash

Gathered from the other world's clash

The intruder is weakened

It feels as though it let enough leak in

The clover then suffocates

Finding new mates

Feeding off what it sees through the cover

It soon finds something new to uncover

Left alone is the one soul watching

Left there to suffer and die rewatching" ~ A previous poem of mine written during the abuse.


I was then in and out of different homes

Weaving my way through the system's comb

Far away from the monster under my bed

From the monster that you wed

You didn't see my dreams

You snickered and pulled at my weeds

Blaming their growth on the wilted flower

The wilted flower that had no option but to cower

My corner became my island

Away from the terror on the mainland


Think of it like this 

You were viscious

A tornado with unlimited magma

Who tormented me with stigma


My ears let in the ash

Covering the flower of my past

Although he suffocated its petals

You solidified it with metal


Then you questioned why I couldn't hear

Brought to me him, my one and only fear

Stood there in further question

Said that was enough without further mention


Flash forward to the seat in front of the lady

The lady who saved me

Saved me from the way you laughed when I ran

Oh god I ran as hard as I can

For I knew I would see him

But then the lady brought me back again



And that was all

From then on I cried

I cried from where in the window I spied


and him



Soon I was taken away

I hoped that you saw how I couldn't stay

That night I was a robot

That day I opened the door knob

A month had passed and I saw you

There was a new lady too


That was when I chose to go home

Not because I was tired or alone

But because it was then that I realized something new

From your teary eyes and weary mouth came out: "Come back... I love you."

Taken aback, I said

Mom, I love you too.

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My family
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