Loved Like Me

am I dead to you yet

you almost killed me that last time

when my eyes glazed over and you fucked me anyway

This poem is about breaking

Because you loved me.

this body is riddled with breaks

from diets and traditions.

of conscience.

this body, translucent in the places it’s too thin, folds over on itself--

croissant dough.

Because you loved me

this body cannot be touched for too long.

this body is for girls who were loved like me

who draw their eyeliner on between heartbeats

who understand their lives through men,

Who loved them,

demarcated by misunderstandings and misery

who miss with a fervor that doesn’t quite make sense--

the breaks

are where light shines.

Because you loved me

please let me be dead to you

you almost killed me those times

You said you loved me

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