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The cry of the silent one
The symbol of my country Mean more than what I see A pelican flag is a symbol That is fierce and strong and free Our flags that flies across the land Waves red, white, and blue
Maine is ME I'm diverse. A bit of a rocky coastline.  Blistering cold yet Delighfully warm. Spontaneus and changing Like New England weather Unpredictable. Different from the others.
It’s in the “thank you’s.” The “you’re welcome’s” and the “hello’s” and the “I miss you’s.” And telling them that “I miss you too.”   Goodbyes aren’t always sappy So if you catch me waving while I walk away
There is something about the sound of breath Something about being so close to death The sound of all those men panting The sound of all those men chanting   We appreciate hard work
The feel of metal, a basketball stuck in your hands, you basically were born into it.   Your whole life you've dreamt about it. Your whole life you've pushed for it, basketball.  
~chase your dreams it took a lot of rocks it took 10 times more stones i took the wounds i healed the broken bones those were only things pushing me towards the throne i never let you bring me down
This is the concrete jungle With a pocket full of dreams Where inspiration meets temptation A city oy in a small town The future is bright My thoughts ride a higher train Higher Than intution
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