The Beauty of Basketball


There is something about the sound of breath

Something about being so close to death

The sound of all those men panting

The sound of all those men chanting


We appreciate hard work

You'll never see the slightest smirk

We work hard to get better

We aren't here to send love letters


The sweat soaks the floor.

But what for?

You wouldn't understand without being here

All you'd have to do is hear


The sound of all those men panting

None of us will be ranting

Our bodies being pushed to the extreme

A championship is part of what we dream


Just show up

And get close up

Let the sound of this sport encompass you

The sound of the shoe

The sound of all those men panting


We take it one game at a time

Are you enjoying this end rhyme

We push ourselves

We're Santa's elves

Working as a eam


We didn't come to fall

We're here to win it all.


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