The cry of the silent one

Listen to the cry of the silent one
The urgency in the vocals
Of his muted speech
Hoping to draw in your ears
Him that has succumbed to the wrath of impoverishment
Him that has known no piece and tranquility
But in its place
floods of desolation

Malnutrition has had the lion's share of his health
That's already in a compromising state
The state has time and time again come out clean
Saying that everything is in control
Yet its only a thread that's keeping him alive
Preventing him from crushing into the abyss...forever to be forgotten

And to you blessed with eudamonia
Your granary always ladened
Does it ever cross to you what the silent one ingests?
And the images on your telly
Gruesome as they are
Do they spark in you a sense of humanity?
Or do you let it unmask your vanity?

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My country
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Who will stand up for the silent ones in a nation that has been infiltrated by tycoons full of greed

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