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Holding on to a relationship that is dead and gone is worse than just leaving. Why would you stay to make the pain worse? Why would you try to salvage something unsalvageable? It's not going to get better.
through my brown skin and monolid eyes, through the sunspots on my cheeks and my short stature, the entirety of the philippines and mexico sits in my dna. soaring through my veins and searing through my skin
master and slave, alike moon and tide, seven lunar orbs, dance in night in tandem with waves, enamoring all earthly gods and taming evil spirits.  
like how the oceans envelops island shores, how the stars are placed like mosaic tiles by mountain tops, like how the sun rises again every morning,
santan flowers border all around my household, like gargoyles protecting a home, sharp red petals acting as thorns for evil spirits. 
Google Translate ‘yaya’ from Filipino to English: governess, nurse, maid (show less translations)   i cannot remember the first day i met you,
For a very long time I looked down on myself for pursuing my dreams instead of the wealth My brother, an engineer My sister, a nurse   And I...  I am...   not the lawyer you wanted to see
(Villanelle)  Half my blood and spirit comes from that place A final result from seeds of heroes Cultivating pride like a rice terrace   Calamities killing us all as one
I am from Emmanuel and Corinna, Faustino and Ildefonsa, Abelardo and Warlita. I am from the windy Chicago, from then moving to sunny California at two weeks old. I am from rice, rice, and more rice.
I writhed across the stars, one night, dreaming of the fars Where in tropical nations, conceivably, the sky turned gradations Of warm colors for the same sunrise, I see, but different bird cries probably
Here we are Here we stand We are living out God's own plan We are the children of the dream I don't need another new year to start a change I am a change
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