I Am From

I am from Emmanuel and Corinna, Faustino and Ildefonsa, Abelardo and Warlita.

I am from the windy Chicago, from then moving to sunny California at two weeks old.

I am from rice, rice, and more rice.

I am from Baby Einstein VHS tapes, from Zoboomafoo, from A Land Before Time, and The Lion King.

I am from the small guava tree in our yard and the grass lawn I would help my dad mow.

I am from playing Barbies and computer games with my little sis.

I am from forced piano lessons that I am now grateful for.

I am from the heavy, deafening, frightening noise of my parents quarreling,

From not seeing my closest cousins for years at a time because of fights.

I am from playing with my Lola’s A.K.A my grandma’s shiny, bald head,

And choosing the prettiest wigs from catalogues when she had cancer.

I am from fun family gatherings, karaoke, and line dancing.

I am from learning that the man I have been calling “daddy” for fifteen years isn’t really my birth father,

And loving him just the same.

I am from a Christian home that is far from perfect, from recognizing Jesus Christ as my savior,

From seeing God’s presence in the sun that rises to the countless stars in the sky.

I am from dad reading bedtime stories and mom cuddling us to sleep.

I am from “Too much of everything is not good”, “A family that prays together stays together”, and “Life is what you make it.”

I am from these experiences and memories, which have molded me into the person I am today and the person I want to become.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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