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America, land of opportunity  land of the free land of unity  and the lnd that holds the key. we all know we're American, But what does it mean ? Does it mean we're all white?
Kids cryin’ and dyin’ Whites and colors never getting along How did everything go wrong? Have you ever seen a troubled Mexican girl walking alone? Or a little boy behind a glass on the phone? You see, I have
Rosa Parks A strong figure refusing to move. Why discriminate? She was the same as us as everyone. Love all people and all people will love back.
The dream wasn’t to be accepted, but to be equal.I still dream not to see race, but to see people.We can’t imagine love with hearts full of hatredLove your enemies, even those who are racist.
I was wondering if I could hold your hand, take you back to when they said I can't. Can I show you what my people have been through? Can I take you to a place I feel I've been to? Or would you rather not see,
My Bones Ache My Hairs Grey My Pride is Gone Can I Rest Now? You Ask For My Seat I Say No My Hands Are Cuffed Can I Rest Now? We fight For Whats Right Boycotting Transportation
tired of giving in not standing, she made a stand never forget Rosa
Do You Remember, When Martin Luther King Jr said he had a dream to be considered equal to white people? I Did once too. Do you remember, When Rosa Parks said No, when she was riding on the bus?
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