To Be American



land of opportunity 

land of the free

land of unity 

and the lnd that holds the key.

we all know we're American,

But what does it mean ?

Does it mean we're all white?

growing up with money,

owning everything at sight?

Are we American just because we speak English?

Because we dress American?

or is it something more meaningful?

like someone who takes advantage of America,

A dreamer, a risk- taker.

to dream and hope.

to work hard, and sprout 

or lie around and mope..

that is what being American is all about

wknowing we can do everything 

doesnt matter what our religion is,

what our income is, or what color of our skin is,

what metters is that

we have the mentallity to achieve anything and

that we are able to achive it

like Obama said:

"...we can say what we think,

write what we think,

without hearing a sudden knock on the door.

...we can have an idea and start our own business

without paying a bribe

...we can participate in the political process

without fear of retribuition,

and that our votes will be counted- at least, most of the time."

we can, would, should and will throw off such government ,

to provide better lives for our present and future.

no matter what age, height, skin color

because America is foundes and crated from diversity,

and we are all different


We Are Americans.


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