Me, Lincoln, King, Parks, Barack: History won't Stop


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I was wondering if I could hold your hand,
take you back to when they said I can't.
Can I show you what my people have been through?
Can I take you to a place I feel I've been to?
Or would you rather not see,
what it's like to be Brown like me?
It started with slavery,
but with Abraham came bravery.
Martin Luther King (Jr.)
asked for our freedom bells to ring.
Rosa Parks, a civil rights queen,
refusing to give up her seat,
was immediately beat.
'Cause of the color of their skin,
the white mans eyes seen nothing but a sin.
Black boys don't LOOK at the white woman.
Black girls don’t befriend the white men.
I close my eyes to swallow their pride,
for every black kid who wished to be white
and every abolitionist that didn't hide.
To everyone who took the ride
in the fight to win civil rights.
Thanks for not sitting at the back of the bus,
and joining the walk with the rest of us.
Though we've been chained
and hanged.
Obama we look to you for our maiden name.
You know that pain.
Take the tears from our eyes,
and may our freedom bells continue to rise.

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