It Was Red.

It’s one a.m.

The party is slowly fading down,

You can feel the alcohol coursing through your veins,

You’ve drank almost too much to walk,

But you need to get home to talk.

Car keys in hand,

You’re now in your car.


It’s one a.m.

Work is finally over,

You’re on your way to pick up your three year old son.

He is now in his seat,

buckled ,

And asleep.


The roads are clear,

Barely anyone out this late,

Your vision is blurred,

The light seems to read green to you.


The low music, sounding from the speakers,

And the low hum of your son’s snores is all you hear.

The arrow is green,

It’s your time to go.


Head to head cars collide,

Only one to survive.

Glass is shattered everywhere,

Smoke is in the sky,

But any noise would be a lie.


Minutes have passed,

Of you bleeding from the head,

The seat belt still holding on strong.

Little did you know,

Your light was actually red.


Sirens are heard,

People shouting if you’re okay.

Slowly you’re out of your car,

Laid on a stretcher,

Your son following short in tow.

There is excruciating pain and crying galore,

Then you’re gone,

In the blink of an eye,

Your heartbeat did not survive.


You swing your door open,

Tears and blood trickling to the floor.

You’ve been sat in the back of a truck,

People checking vitals and blood pressure,

Everything seems to be alright.


Screaming, crying, little other noises.

You see two stretchers,

One body small,

Another long.


Your heart is breaking,

The crying is body shaking.

They’re gone,

All because you thought it was green.


The alcohol consumption being the cause,

You’re now locked up,

Behind bars,

Where your new life begins.


You killed them,

The lady and her son,

All because you got behind the wheel,

Thinking that the light was green.


Learn from other’s mistakes,

Don’t do something reckless and regretful.

Be smart enough to find a cab,

Don’t drink and drive.

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My community


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