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I am a Cross Country Runner We don’t quit, And we never stop. I am a Cross Country Runner We can run forever Because we run from our pasts.
Society Members of community Expectations and beliefs What people should be Race, age, gender, Even what people like to do
They say that it’s an addiction, An impartial accusation, Blame best left with the man in the moon   But Hell hath no flame Hotter than lust   Steam rising up Breath heaving out  
There is one thing I can say That makes me who I am today My best quality things  Than can be physically seen  Thunder thighs   Because I am a runner
You do not need to be fast. You do not have to finish the 5k you registered for the morning of, vulnerable. To be a runner, just start. Let the cheetah of your legs move you
Can't wait to be the gazelle that strides across open plains.
1 mile, 3 miles, 6 miles It doesn't matter because that's what I do I run My alarm goes off at 6:20  I run at 6:30 It's less than twenty below But I don't find it cold I find it relaxing
  Run. Go forward, Trust your legs. Are they pillars or twigs?   Faster. Like Hell. Towards The Destination. Times’ scythe nips at your heels.   Recover.
I am a runner. I leave comfort for the chance of glory. Pushing my body to the limits of breaking. Then building it up, only this time stronger. No reasons for doubt. Your body is a castle,
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