Dear Society


Members of community

Expectations and beliefs

What people should be

Race, age, gender,

Even what people like to do

I am 16, female, distance runner


Society uses my passion

To make me feel insecure  about my body

I fell in love

With the art of distance running

Happy, healthy, strong

10,11,12 miles

Runner’s high

Peace within myself


Sickness lasting months

13 doctors

16,350 later

Chronic headaches

Running became outlet from pain

Reason I got out of bed

Through tangle of

Brain scans & blood tests

Diagnosed restless depression

As complication

Running became coping method for

Depression & anxiety

Society puts appearance first

If I didn’t run

I’d weigh a few pounds heavier,


Sad and pale face

Sleep deprivation


Society has instilled in women

Only a certain appearance


Critiqued over my size is a headache

I don't need

Mental health is on back burner

Everyone has a story and reason

Only body type that is “in”

Is one that you makes you feel

Good in your own skin,

Mentally and physically

Until this change is made

I will continue running away

From society and its

 Chronically twisted views


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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