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Some days are just bad from the start. On these days, it takes all I have to find happiness inside my heart. I turn on my music and roll up my sleeves, This day will not take my happiness away from me.  
Like many other girls out there
Traveling, exploring, acquainting. These things comprised my summer. Expanding my horizons to new places new people, new ideas, new eras of my life  
This generation can change the world And we don’t even have to get off our laptops   My generation cannot hide from the world There is no distance Ukraine is next door. West Africa across the street.
I longed to see her smile, it made her and I whole once more Her attentive hands caressed the bed sheet violently as if she had been burned by a stove top
Give me a generation,  and we will change the world Give me an hour, and you will turn the tides Give me five is all that is required, but deep inside you know you can inspire
I fear staring into the abyss
volunteering in hospitals you see things, things you cant unsee, wish you hadnt seen but you did see. multiple posibilitys surrounding you. saving a life helping someone give life. being around people you can help is were i see myself .
Lighting up and getting high, They think they're getting wings to fly; But all inside is sinking low As their minds to nowhere go. Yet whose to blame when the only stars They ever watch to pass the hours
(poems go here) A little nervous, that’s what I was The day I walked through those doors Not sure of what I’d be met with Not sure it would be something id enjoy
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