Give Me a Generation


Give me a generation, 

and we will change the world

Give me an hour,

and you will turn the tides

Give me five is all that is required,

but deep inside you know you can inspire

Inspire all around you by your good deeds

and you can change the world as you please

you hold the world in your healing hand were you may mold every acre of land

Every acre of land every square foot

you put

the future!

Give me your time and mold me

for I am your Community

so do not ignore my plea 

Do not blind your eyes from my missery

Do not use your healing hands to turn on the T.V.

Give me an hour,

and you will see

that the hour you spend volenteering for me 

the time you spend with your deeds that inspire and mold the world

that hour will break down the wall so that you can see

that when you Give me a Generation

We Will Change the World!



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