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Maybe is a word used often in all my thoughts but we were never a maybe, we were written in polished marble, carved into stone.
You seem far to lonely to be saying you don't miss me Could it be chaos is just in our genes? You seem far too lonely to be saying that you'd rather leave It's okay to say to you're lying to me
All alone on the coast With no time to tell you so How much you meant Mean to me  Now youre gone and i'm all alone   How the sun's shining  Never will be the same Like the day you left me
And then three years later and look at us now.. We were talking about marriage & having some kids in the house. Man nothing ruins a relationship quicker than doubt. Used to say you were so confident in what we had.
Once Again theres another argument im laying down just staring at the wall Once again he makes another comment  I could see the end i know were about to fall Love is destructive once again i already knew 
A young beautiful girl, Who fell in love with a poison, It stripped her of everything she loved, And kept her all to his greedy self, Yet she continued to sip up all the lies,
Have you ever loved someone Every morning you woke up staring into their eyes And then one day it all disappears Right from under your feet
I've always known that no one is irreplaceable, So it's shouldn't come as surprised, When a month later you replaced me. Erased me from your memory,
Take your space and make it worth it see my face and know you hurt it. I know you never want to see me cry, but I just can't ever tell you goodbye. I came to love you as if it were necessity, and you bring out what is best in me.
Red they say stands for love or admiration Oh darling, my heart must have been bright red the day I saw you Yellow they say stands for optimism and cheer
How could you leave a woman Standing in the cold Sleeping all alone with no one there to hold How could you leave a woman to struggle all by herself And offer no help How could you leave a woman
I was like a joint; your favorite thing.
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