Space Hurts

Take your space and make it worth it see my face and know you hurt it. I know you never want to see me cry, but I just can't ever tell you goodbye. I came to love you as if it were necessity, and you bring out what is best in me. I've never been able to be all I am with a man who cares about my plans. A guy not only willing to be with me, but also to see what we could be years from now when he goes off to live and thrive, as we both take that big dive into a thing we call life. We plan for the future and what is to come, not for something so temporary that time spent together seemed dumb. We connect emotionally, not just on a level people focus on primarily. We may be two separate ideas, but we function as one. We complete one another, and my thankfulness for something so worthwhile isn't even close to done.
This kid makes me giddy beyond compare and I just wish he could share this beautiful picture I hold of him in my mind, so that we could only grow closer and closer in time.

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