We Weren't Meant To BE

I've always known that no one is irreplaceable,

So it's shouldn't come as surprised,

When a month later you replaced me.

Erased me from your memory,

Has if the moments we shared meant nothing.

I guess I shouldn't feel this hurt,

I guess it was my fault,

Could Have given you one more chance,

But my mind protected my heart.

I suppose its good you left me,

Replaced me,

And erased me,

I know we no longer have a chance.

Not sure we ever did,

Or if i just wanted to believe we did.

I guess you were just too perfect,

For lil ol me.

Conversations were easy for you,

I'm just socially awkward.

Your belief in god was so strong,

While mine waived from time-to-time,

I sucked at sports and thrived at school,

You were the complete opposite.

So maybe we just weren't meant to be,

I guess you were just too perfect for lil ol me.

I sometimes want to make us never happen,

Then maybe i could still listen to certain songs,

And not think of you.

Cause i wish we never layed on my couch,

Making out,

Sadly now it's a reminder of the good times.

You ruined my favorite movies,

As well as my fav song,

Now they're just a reminder of us.

I truly wish i could take it back,

Because you obviously have.

Its funny how you never showed me off,

never posted anything about me,

Other than i was trash or wack,

When you got mad.

Her smile is one thing you love

according to your post ,

And she’s your woman crush everyday.

Makes me wonder how long you felt this way,

Shit it makes me want to forget all the feeling i ever felt.


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