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Venus, From the salt and the spray, She of great beauty emerged from the sea. She looked upon the beauty and plenty of the earth. Grass, green and lush. Trees, fruitful and sweet. She smiled,
Alone, I traverse the sky. I have left my home beind, the place of my birth. I possess a power which no mere mortal cannot. And with this power comes my duties, my responsibilities.
I was caught between a rock and a hard place. The ancient cliché was literal. I was in the dust storm and the moon seemed tiny. 18 was the number and it seemed it would stay that way. 22 was the catch; I was ready for release.
Have you sailed the red glass sea Oh, foreign fairest royalty Have you seen the dual sunset Oh, gorgeous, lovely, dear brunette Does your crown weigh slight too heavy Oh, highness, love, oh, dear majesty
We are orbiting, you and I,
In fire I was born.
Look at the bright side Don't just run and hide Being possitve is the way to go It will be good for you
           Why Don't?      Why don't we unite to stop the wars?
I've said in an epistle before:
  In 2023, a ship called Mars One will depart from the surface of the earth and never return.   It will fly forty million miles to a place where human kind has never set its heavy foot.
Just 12. I have been alive longer than those few years. Just 12. Time to cast away every last one of my fears. Just 12. No time to waste on dwelling on the past. Just 12.
The constellation consisted of magnetars
I always wanted go to Mars, So I can see the view, Or maybe I can glance at the stars, To wish upon a star that’s true.
you caught me upon a fallen starand wished me away to thedesert Mars. A dead plain with foreign menof simple things in a nightmare, awaken me to humanity.
  Drain my skin with hands that plunge into my flesh. Ruby drops streaming down my arms, my legs, my chin. Sliding and mixing with salty sweat and tears.
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