"Princess of the Red Planet" [Poem for Alexandria #10]

Have you sailed the red glass sea

Oh, foreign fairest royalty

Have you seen the dual sunset

Oh, gorgeous, lovely, dear brunette

Does your crown weigh slight too heavy

Oh, highness, love, oh, dear majesty

Do you miss the crimson sky

Oh, princess with such tired eyes


Your royal gown, it feigns your grace

Oh, nebulaic suffering face

Your tears will cease, oh, foreign creature

I'll make you strong while I grow weaker

I'm nothing when my soul is gone

I am, to you, a broken pawn

But love for you, it fills the void

Even though I'm far destroyed


Oh, princess with such tired eyes

I'll bleed myself 'til crimson cries

Oh, princess with such tired eyes

I'll show you one last crimson sky


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