I was caught between a rock and a hard place. The ancient cliché was literal. I was in the dust storm and the moon seemed tiny. 18 was the number and it seemed it would stay that way. 22 was the catch; I was ready for release. “No good solution,” jogged through my mind. In an effort to escape an older but not much wiser sibling, my fate had led me to this red planet. Big brother was still on my back. He hunkered over my shoulder, I bunkered under the boulder, I heaved, and he breathed, and all the while could not escape. I came to find where ideas used to be fresh. Pain was brief on my red planet, and shock was always new. Sweat collected in the palm of my brain and I focused on my dream. I focused on my own farm with my own rabbits, and the eve of tomorrow was the placebo for my sorrow.

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My country
Our world
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Explanation: This poem takes place on Mars (also known as Ares by the ancient Greeks), the planet where only 18 missions there had been successful. A catch-22 situation, the main character in the poem is struggling to survive in a predicament that has no good solution. The main character traveled there to escape the abuse of government power on earth (big brother), but finds that the abuse is so extensive that the new beginning on Mars is insufficient, as big brother still breathes down his neck. Similar to John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men, the main character takes his mind somewhere else to prepare himself for figurative death by government over-surveillance.  

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