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  In silence I hear music   melancholy melodies washing gracefully through ancient corridors,   waves of rhythm drifting across gently rolling green.  
This is Me. I am Bare.
Exposed Naked Vulnerable to insult With his x-ray vision he saw through my imperfections And looked into something beautiful. He saw parts of me I kept hidden. Things I threw into a box marked shame.
Naked face and naked eyes I like wearing my own hair My own face and my own mind   People call me bold For stepping out the house plain Or without a hood Because they fear the rain
you began to undress me and as each button of my blouse becomes undone a sliver of some imperfection slips past my possessions that once possessed me settle in a pool around my ankles
I don't really feel like writing today. I'd rather be naked on the ground, head-to-toe exposed, so I could really think and hear the pines rustle. I would bury my sadness in a funeral mound
I sit in the still of the night,
Looking into the mirror, society stares back. Watching my every move, analyzing every inch. Bite my tongue and hold my words back; smile with closed lips. Constrictions; you cannot wear that.
I choose to be Naked. First went my phone with a burst , my luminous guide darkened.
"I'm going to swing from the chandelier"
I still don't inhabit my own body. I am a guest. I am a spectator as my meat covered bones tangle with other vessels in dark rooms vomitting languages unknown, quiet and uncomfortable.
Naked A word that emphasizes my vulnerability A word that diminishes my strength   I am stripped I am lonely I have no one but myself   I am weak I am embarrassed I am lost
Cute, plump, red brown skin, and sweet Light brown eyes and lips like honey 
When you strip yourself bare before another You are showing them your physical flaws You are undressing who you are underneath all the clothes
To be stripped from all that we hide behind. Looking in the mirror now, you cannot lie To yourself; to the world Exposed. This is who you are, behind society's camoflauge. Behind the make-up gauze,
When you look at me, tell me what you see. Do you see me, or are you simply focusing on vanity? Shakespeare once said that all the world’s a stage, If only he could see how he prophesized this world of today
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