I choose to be Naked

Thu, 01/15/2015 - 23:03 -- erinu


I choose to be Naked.

First went my phone with a burst ,

my luminous guide darkened.

Who knew this was the beginning of my unravling?

The desperation I sought, with the thought of losing the filtered, layered spot that I had fought for.

 Communication Lost.

Losing my sense of control.

I choose to be Naked.

Deleting what I thought I most needed!

Confiding in the internet thinking that . . . that was my best bet.

The book overtook, until I could no longer, take a look.

Beautiful Women still fill their eyes in with pen, powdered faces, too many cases . . .

No Escape.

I choose to be Naked.

Delete, take back my athlete with wet, sweat, running, punning, climbing and rhyming.

dry skin, bye pin

no tweets, just sweets

my space, no space

Want to be filtered?


I filter, I don't need to be filtered.

Take my lead:

good, bad

wrong, right

yum, ick,

take your pick!

Behind filters, my mind is behind a cloud and not behind filters, my mind is loud.

I choose to be Naked.

My choice, has made my voice, louder than the powder!


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