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Hello pain, I heard you're a game changer And that you are a necessity in life For growth and maturity I heard you're blessing in disguise.   Hello pain, Let's have a conversation
i pull off my heavy-weight sweatshirt i weigh myself ranking up to nearly 100 pounds im satisfied for now
I don’t want to be quiet anymore,    (that really bothers me.) I want to fill the silences and make people smile. I don’t want to be lost anymore.
Based on the artwork It’s Raining Knives by Silvia Levenson  True houses sit upon their precise grass.There is no movement, there is no sound, there is no imperfect quality.Imprints of walls and yard decorations place safety.Even the yellow siding
I spoke with a friend yesterday.   And even though we're both white, the police had never been something that was on my mind because-- Well, everything was okay.  
Her porcelain skin reflects the light, That is absorbed by everybody else’s deep brown around her. She is not rich, but they think she is. She does not know everything, but they think she does.  
I'm there green air as i twirl my curly hair one speaks to me i want to flee to the warmth of my home i want to retreat Hello words used in ordinary conversations lip biting, awkards movements
a man with a scruffy beard and ice-blue eyes once told me: when we love, we get angry when we are not loved the same way.   i wonder if he saw the hint of indignation,
I rearrange my personality and fix my face, Tuck my curse words and laid back cool college kid demeanor
The drone of fans awakes you from your sleep And light sneaks in around your windowsill. The chill of night the new day will not keep, Yet work must start where all the blades are still.
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