A Manifesto of the Things I Want in Life (most of them anyway)

I don’t want to be quiet anymore,

   (that really bothers me.)

I want to fill the silences and make people smile.

I don’t want to be lost anymore.

I want to regain the confidence I once had.

I want to feel complete enough that I feel encouraged consistently.

I want to give my future everything I can.


I want my body to be comfortable.

I want my mind to be comfortable.

I just want comfort in life.

I want to let myself be my truest.

I want to know how wonderful I can be.

            (Or how wonderful I already am.)

I want to take chances, stop overthinking and just do.

I want to be present in our world more often.

I want to be less embarrassed by the little things and speak up.


I want no worries about what others think of me or fear for what could happen with my actions,

        (or really anyone’s actions.)

I want no filter for the things I say.


I want to see the sun and feel her rays.

I want to see flowers and to touch and smell them.

I want an orchard but most importantly a sunflower field.

I want to be engulfed by the colour yellow.

I want green trees covering our planet as the trees had once intended.

I want to climb cliffs and mountains with no fear of falling.

I want my inspirations to come as clearly as my imagination once pushed me.

I want no limitations.

I want to keep growing.

I want to live.


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