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I climb out my window just to see if I can. My parents used to be police officers, no joke, yet here I am in the clubhouse of a legitimate gang.
Jinx knew she was in trouble when she saw his name flash across her screen. He, the almightly nail-painter, combat-boot-wearer, bipolar feelings-fucker, he needed her. I mean, she was assuming that's what this was about.
Abscond.  Verb, meaning to sneak away and hide. 
  I am hungry for your forgiveness and I have no idea why. But, I am ravenous for anything besides this cop-out silence This head buried in hands woods on a foggy day silence
You're like a cigarette.
Slurred words Blurred lines Raw emotion And cold rhymes   Hot desire Left to burn
I have zero desire to do anything constructive;
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