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Verb, meaning to sneak away and hide. 

Example: a teen, crawling out of the window at twelve in the morning because she knows one-day winter break will be a long distant memory as she sits in infinite cubicle hell, wishing she had lived a life worth reminiscing on.  



Noun, referring to the inability to understand the universe. 

Example: A girl lying on her roof, freezing to death but determined to look at the stars a just a little longer, just enough to understand them.  



Noun, meaning the inability to express one’s emotions to other people. 

Example: stuttering to your aunt because she asked how your year’s been, and you don’t want to lie but you can’t say it was good, you can’t even say you would do it again, but you can’t tell her that and you can’t say anything and you’re panicking as you stumble over incoherent words.  



Noun, referring to a reminiscence of calling to mind. 

Example: a grunge chick, staring into the eyes of this Barbie doll that used to be her best friend, holding hands with an empty shell of a boy, kissing the ghost of her ex, and remembering the good times.



Noun, the space between waking and sleeping. 

Example: a scared little girl wakes up in a strange bed and cries for someone, but realises soon that it was just a dream, no matter how real those eyes seemed.  



Noun, meaning someone who hides behind a smile. 

Example: you nod and smile at a table full of family that argue and yell and fight and hurt, teeth gleaming in the reflective light of their burning bridges.  



Noun, referring to someone who walks barefoot. 

Example: a girl walks her streets in the moonlight, barefoot because she can’t imagine breaking her connection to the earth right now, no matter the cost.  



Noun, meaning the love of darkness. 

Example: a punkette sits on her roof at the stroke of midnight like some lo-fi Cinderella, soaking in the darkness and finally at peace. 



Noun, meaning the smell of the earth after it rains.

Example: a little girl, opening the door after a thunderstorm and breathing the first smell of the new year, taking the damp earth beneath her as a good omen.  



Noun, referring to a lover of rain. 

Example: a hardened and cold teen, shedding all pretence and leaping out of her friends’ car to dance in the showers outside like some kind of reborn hippie.  



Noun, meaning a wild or reckless young person. 

Example: a girl, sneaking out to be with friends, risking life and feeling infinite, running from the police and dancing in the basement, washing the smell of a party out of her clothes and jumping back into bed, just to wake up in an hour.  



Noun, a bright flash of light that burns out quickly. 

Example: the spark that travels up her arm when he touches her, the burn of eye contact, and the drifting smoke of an extinguished flame when she walks on the other side of the hallway once school starts again. 



Noun, meaning a lone wanderer. 

Example: well… all of us, right?

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