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Hair swept back, lighting just right, phone in hand, Camera on, portrait mode enabled. Click, click, click.   Walking in the street, waiting between commercials, standing in line. Anywhere, anytime.
Cellphone oh Cellphone Where is your key? The jailor to my soul Please let me free I can’t escape you Sentenced for life
I look at my black mirror When I need to check up on my news, Read emails others just throw away, Or talk to friends who are looking to muse.  
cell phone portable, useful texting, calling, messaging iphone, android, blackberry distracting, ringing, buzzing awesome, impressive technology    
I need my phone.   Yes I'm addicted, But I need it.    What if someone text me,  Or messages me on Facebook,  Or maybe sends me a snapchat.  I need it.   
Phones everywhere Babies, kids, teens, adults, elderly Everywhere I look there's a phone Students, teachers, drivers, policemen, firemen School, funerals, weddings, births, accidents, parties, fights
It sits upon a desk, silent, stern. A thin black metal brick  with a glass face that stymies my futile efforts to divine its nature, showing me nothing but the inquisitive 
My sister
My sister
A life of a cell without a living cellis not much of a happy life at all.You humans make my life a living hellEvery time you slip and make me fall.
Fuck first semester And financial aid and scholarship applications and just money in general. And the 3.5 I needed if I wanted to come back. And my parents. And money And society for revolving around money
III Wrap me in your poetryI want to understand how these feelings never endMineAndYoursAnd how I don't know how to make thingsOurs Maybe I'm just broken IV
  I You He She It We They Are all calling out, Hear us singing? Are traveling about, Hear us ringing? Vibrating through many miles of wires,
Let is not waste our precious time on all those harmful screens, that connects us to the world but disconnect us form the scene.
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