Phone Survival...

Sat, 05/18/2013 - 20:11 -- Jelly


United States
46° 4' 55.0416" N, 118° 18' 54.972" W

Let is not waste our precious time
on all those harmful screens,
that connects us to the world
but disconnect us form the scene.

Why you there! Who sits alone,
ignorant of what surrounds you.
Spend so much time on that phone
that clearly can survive without you.

But can you survive without it?
A downfall of electricity
and farewell to you, your phone may bid.
As well as all the lights in your city.

Now in this time where do you stand?
Where is your source of survival that you need?
A useless device now lies in your hands
only powered by conceived energy.

All of your time, now wasted
with no winning reward.


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