fitting in

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Fireflies glow in the dark.   Lightning always strikes something.   Rain pours down.   Lightning and Rain like to speak to each other a lot.   
Fireflies glow in the dark.   Lightning always strikes something.   Rain pours down.   Lightning and Rain like to speak to each other a lot.   
"Offstep"   What does it mean to stand out? To be that one person in a mass of thousands, one step behind while everyone is two steps ahead, to feel the wrinkles of your shirt ripple against your chest
My name is Reda It means contentment in Arabic My mother gave me my name in reverence, finding meaning in a word that she could love her entire life
Dear Those Who Think My Life is Perfect, I go to sleep at night with one thing on my mind, what if I'm not good enough? What if I wake up tomorrow, and no one likes me anymore?
Once upon a time people lived in peace And everybody's sadness came to cease But now all of this is gone because now People judge you for being who you’re
Everybody runs when they see my black charcoal coat of fur. Everybody runs as they see me stalking the streets late at night. When everyone should be asleep. When everybody should be, Hidden. Safe from me.
Locks of the true unknown lifting off of me like a thrown. Luscious lust of what we cannot have yet nothing more than a tangled past
A giant university, yet I am so small, I feel like an idiot, compared to them all. The boys with the football, the girls with the pom poms, is not being part of a sports team, really so wrong?
There he was, a clown grasping for the balloons in his belly reaching outside the classroom for more than this, he finds himself in clouds, puffyness, a softness in colors yet is bound to the ground,
You came like storms in a drought. Perfectly wild. I come from where the sky is always yellow and the fruits grow upside down. Your soul in particular, like mangos, I steal a taste whenever I find time to browse.
I went to school again today
When you're left alone with no family to turn to self confidence and worth becomes hard for you Your confidence is shot your dreams diminished never has anyone felt so finished   
I am not the one who can walk into a room and be the center of attention I am not the one who will be voted as prom queen I am not the one who was born with a silver spoon I am not the one who is seemingly perfect
I am who I am.  This I cannot change I try to fit the molds of other people  I want to please others, But when I try,  I am unhappy.    He says I should be a doctor.  A doctor. 
  We orchestrated what we could, Because we seem to be less fluid, And less malleable Than we would have wished. 
 Most of the surface, and the pretext, and the confines,
Here I am, Just Another Walking around just like any other Bounded by the lies I'm told Growing sad, as I grow old   Here I am, Just Another Grasping words of big brother
  why can't you see me? why am i invisible to you? am i nothing? am i worthless? what are you doing? what do you think of me? how are you? how is this possible? will you see me?
The H is for the hell of it because what life is anyway The A is for Act I put on to make everything seem okay The P is for the Person I’m told to be, who people want me to be
Birds can be of many a feather, Bright colors distancing those who take heed. But many birds may flock together, When all are hungry for the same feed. A flock of many hues and shapes rare,
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