Two Amazing Dads


I went to school again today
And the stares of the kids just couldn’t be ignored
You’d think that since now everyone knows I’m gay
They’d have stopped their childish games and gotten bored
I guess that doesn’t happen though
They know their words sting, but they do it because they think it’s cool
Every second I’m here is like some stupid reality television show
And I’d never wanted anything more than to just leave this school
I’m always pushed and shoved around
They can’t ever seem to leave me alone
Into lockers, down the stairs and onto the ground
Every which way is where I’m thrown
I finally was able to come back home to my place
Dad number one greeted me at the door
My puppy bounded down the staircase
and at that current moment I didn’t think I could ask for anything more
Later that night dad number two came home and we sat down
I had set the table and Dad number one had cooked us something to eat
They asked me how my day was and all I could do was frown
I couldn’t even respond! I just stared at my feet
They shared a glance and Dad number one started to speak
I knew what that look meant and I didn’t want them to worry
so I instantly stood up; my chair crashed to the floor with a screak
I ignored their surprise; and ran to my room in a hurry
I closed the door before I broke down in tears
I didn’t want them to see me cry
I wouldn’t succumb to my fears
But I didn’t want to lie
That night I lay on my bed
with tears streaming down my face
Thinking about all the things the other kids said
as I realize that I’m a disgrace
My dad’s don’t really seem to care
at least, not what anyone else thinks
But my need for other’s approval is still there
and it really stinks

As I got to school yet again it was weird
I knew something wasn’t right
Their smirks and torturous remarks seem to have disappeared
I was left alone and I didn’t actually have to fight
Not that I would have, because I never do anyways
But there was no ridicule and no laughter
And I am just so curious as to why it’s any different than yesterday
How could it change so suddenly without any answer

That’s when I found the note
It fell out of my locker and landed by my feet
and when I opened the folded piece of paper I looked at what he wrote
The writing was in blue ink and in cursive very neat

Chris, I know you’ve been having trouble
this past school year since you’ve come out
I’ve seen how much you’ve struggled
and how your eyes have filled with doubt
Trust me dude, You’ve got a lot of guts
and I admire you a lot for that
I’m sorry. It’s gotta be nuts-
insanity, even, when you deal with those brats
If you need anything please let me know
You know where I’ll be
The field’s the place I go
J.L.C. #43

I smiled widely and shut the door making sure it locked,
and started to make my way to next course.
And when I went into my next class I was totally shocked
So many people talked to me without being forced
I walked into the room and all eyes landed on me
I smiled and shyly waved at a guy I knew from gym
He smiled too and I tried to not to let him see
how nervous I was as he patted the seat next to him
I shifted into the desk and got out my book
before he slid a piece of paper my way
I couldn’t believe my eyes as I finally got a good look
And I just smiled because I didn’t know what to say
Dear kids bullying the only openly gay kid in our class, Don’t wanna stop
Okay. I dare you to lay a finger on Chris
Wanna say something now big shot
This message is something you might not want to dismiss
I’m warning you bullies. The football team will find you guys in scads
The linebacker with two amazing dads


Today’s the last day of school for good
I’m a senior and my boyfriend is too
I’m no longer misunderstood
and I pulled through
I’m going to go to college to be a writer
I don’t let people bug me anymore
and my future looks so much brighter
I also wouldn’t change a thing back to the way it was before
The path I traveled led me to the way it should be now
and let me tell you, I’m really glad I don’t care what anyone has to say about me
My need for their approval is something I no longer allow
and this, right now, is how it always should be
So I before I leave there’s one more thing I’d like to mention
Justin Landon Crow #43 was one amazing lad
And even though I’ll probably never see him again; his good deed deserves attention
I’m very thankful for that linebacker with two amazing dads


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