Sat, 09/28/2013 - 19:23 -- csaba24


why can't you see me?

why am i invisible to you?

am i nothing?

am i worthless?

what are you doing?

what do you think of me?

how are you?

how is this possible?

will you see me?

will you make us possible?

where are you taking us?

where are we going to end up?

why are we in here?

why did you leave with me?

am i more important?

am i finally who you want me to be?

what are we doing?

what is pounding in my head?

how did i get here?

how did they get here?

will i be initiated?

will i be one of you if i do this?

where is my head?

where are my clothes?

why are your friends towering over me?

why are they touching me?

am i drunk?

am i being an inconvenience?

what is he doing?

what is he holding?

how did he get on top of me?

how are you watching?

will i be a problem?

will i become your girlfriend if i do this?

where are you going to send the tape?

where are you going?

why are you doing this?

why don't you see me?

why do i have to do this?

why am i wrecked and weak?

why did you do this to me?

why am i not your first choice?

why can't i be one of you?

why are you letting this happen?

why are they touching me?

why are they on top of me?

why are they hurting me?

why can't i move?

why can't i fight back?

am i here?

am i me?

what is happening?

how did i get here?

why am i hurt so badly?

why am i alone and naked?

why am i sluggish and not here?

where did you go?

why'd you do that to me?

why did you let them do that to me?

why are my thoughts hazy?

why did you hurt me?

why were they laughing as i was weeping inside?

why am i here?

why did you DO THAT?

why am i bleeding?

why can't i move?


am i worthy now?

am i yours?

will i be one of you?

will i be loved?

will i be accepted?



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